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Garry BushellHELL BENT - £8.99 + p&p

Teenager Thomas Scrimshaw is trapped in a boring office job until a chance encounter plunges him into a world of nightmares and fear. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Tom is forced to take on clueless cops, corrupt courts, a twisted priest and a spiteful troll who looks like Ozzy Osbourne.

While he is hunted by the authorities, his closest friends and his strange benefactor Theo Jinnee race to the rescue. But are all of them really on his side?

Hell Bent is part horror thriller, part comic fantasy with more levels than The Shard.    


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Garry BushellALL OR NOTHING - £8.99 + p&p

London 1966. The Swinging City, awash with youthful creativity, music and fashion, excitement and opportunity. And beneath Soho’s glittering promise lurk the shadowy men who cynically exploit it, the gangsters supplying the drugs, the women, the knocked-off booze and whatever else you need to get you through the night... if the price is right.

Men like Steve Knight, an East End Mod with a small gang and a big dream. Steve is smart enough but is he hard enough to see it through?
With the Richardsons banged up and the shadow of the law starting to fall on the Kray Twins, smaller firms are jockeying for position. And as the violence escalates, and the police start to take notice, the Knight brothers have one of their own to worry about...

In this brash, exotic, disturbing new London, only one thing is certain: not all of them will make it through alive.

is written by Garry Bushell with Craig Brackenridge.

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Sounds of Glory Volume One is packed with brilliant stories from the biggest names in rock and metal. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal erupted in the late 70s. Iron Maiden conquered the world, Def Leppard conquered the USA… and alongside them rock gods like Ozzy Osbourne and Ritchie Blackmore enjoyed unexpected revivals.
At the heart of this rock 'n' roll tsunami was Britain's SOUNDS magazine. And at the heart of SOUNDS was Garry Bushell. Like his idols, Garry lived every day as if it was his last. Which it nearly was. Fed heroin in India by Hanoi Rocks, being raided by the C.I.D. in a Motörhead-related incident, getting his eyebrows shaved off by Ozzy… Garry recalls it all in this funny, fast-moving memoir which also takes in Thin Lizzy, UFO, Gary Moore, Status Quo, Twisted Sister, Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top and more.
All raw, exciting, world-beating talents whose heritage endures to this day.
This is a laugh-out-loud road trip through the glory years of Sounds and the golden years of rock music… when Rock Gods ruled the earth.

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This book chronicles the most exciting generation of British music the world has ever seen. After 1976, the subversive firestorm of punk rock kicked open the door for hosts of other scenes. In rapid succession came Ska, New Mod, New Wave, anarcho-punk and Oi/street-punk. It was an explosion of madcap musical energy as incendiary as it was inspirational, created and performed by both geniuses and madmen.
At the heart of this rock 'n' roll tsunami was SOUNDS magazine. And at the heart of SOUNDS was your narrator, Garry Bushell.Like his idols, Garry lived every day as if it was his last. Which it nearly was. Going to prison with the Angelic Upstarts, tripping into paranoid West Berlin with the Exploited before The Wall came down, fighting a world champion boxer… all in a day's work for our Garry.
These were truly days of glory. Bushell joined The Specials and The Selecter as they toured the US for the first time. He hung out with Debbie Harry, feuded with Crass, skanked away with Madness, championed Secret Affair and managed the Cockney Rejects. From John Cooper Clarke to Right to Work marches, from Squeeze in South London to seedy German brothels, this volume is a unique record of raw and exciting bands, giant characters and radical ideas – all told with a twinkle in the eyes and a smile on the lip.Sounds Of Glory is a brilliant new memoir from one of Britain's most daring and controversial rock journalists. It's a must-read for anyone who loved Sounds and lived through the golden years of British rock and pop.

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The GonadsI Lost My Love To A UK Sub & Other Punk Rock Sob Stories – collected Gonads lyrics Volume One

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16-track CD compilation of our very best Ska & rude reggae numbers. Oi Mate : Getting Pissed : The Revenge of World Cup Willie : Threes Up : Cheeky Chappy: Beer Can : South London Aggro Girl : It's Getting Harder : Long Ska Summer : Lotto : Badly Done : What's Happening Now : Charlton Tel's Stag Weekend : Southend Rhapsody : Avoid The Vexation of Women : Rude Boys On The Rise

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£12.90 inc p&p in the UK

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Garry BushellTHE FACE - £4.99 + p&p

If you liked Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels... or Snatch... or The Guv'nor... then you'll love this fast-talking gangster novel. Harry Tyler, undercover cop, is the best in his field. Sharp-witted, and cool-headed, he always nails his man. Johnny Too, a South London gangland villain, is handsome, cunning and dangerous and always gets what he wants. So when Harry's next job is to infiltrate Johnny's firm and bring the chaps to book, the results are inevitably explosive and exciting. Determined as ever to get a result, Harry goes deep undercover and immerses himself in the gangland life of women, cars, drugs and guns. A fast-moving and fiery novel, the story blazes a trail through the street-life of London, culminating in a pacey and thrilling finale.

£7.40 inc p&p in the UK

£8.70 inc p&p Rest of the World

Garry Bushell

TWO FACED - £5.99 + p&p

Undercover cop Harry Tyler is back, doing what he does best - infiltrating the most dangerous gangs in the country. Then his ex-wife becomes involved when she is the victim of a brutal attack. It's not long before Harry decides to take the law into his own hands and administer some rough justice.

£8.40 inc p&p in the UK

£9.70 inc p&p Rest of the World

Garry BushellFACE DOWN - £4.99 + p&p 

Garry Bushell's third Harry Tyler novel, Face Down, is out now. Face Down is hard-hitting, sexy pulp fiction that rattles along like a Japanese bullet train. When a vigilante starts assassinating criminals he believes have been treated too leniently by the courts, Kent police are stumped - until they spot a possible link to the shootings and an outspoken rightwing newspaper columnist.

Jailed South London crime lord Johnny Baker, known as Johnny Too, agrees to be the bait to lure the killer into the open. There's just one problem – he wants retired undercover detective Harry Tyler, the man who put him away, to be part of the plot. And Harry's supposed to be dead...

Face Down is the third part of Garry's controversial Harry Tyler trilogy following the successful debut novel, The Face and it sequel, Two Faced, but can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Praise for Face Down: 'Mickey Spillane with a pinch of Micky Flannagan' – South County magazine. 'An absolute triumph, even tougher and raunchier than the first two books' – Jeff Turner, Cockney Rejects.

£7.40 inc p&p in the UK

£11.90 inc p&p Rest of the World


OUT NOW! My new book Riff-Raff, Rebels and Rock Gods - a chaotic journey through the glory years of Sounds in the company of Iron Maiden, The Specials, Ozzy Osbourne, UFO, The Exploited, Twisted Sister, the Selecter, Rose Tattoo, the Angelic Upstarts, Judge Dread, Ritchie Blackmore, the Cockney Rejects, ZZ Top and more... From Hanoi Rocks in India to Max Splodge in Texas, Riff-Raff resurrects a time when rock music was wild, exciting and often genuinely dangerous...

Also available as a six-hour audio book or an eBook from here.

£10.99 inc p&p in the UK

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£12.99 inc p&p to USA & Rest of the World

Garry Bushell


"How the Specials, Madness, Selecter, The Beat and co conquered the world"

Price £9.99 (+ p&p)

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Garry Bushell


This run of the 15-track opus is limited to just 100 hand-numbered copies.

The CD is how it comes, in a humble plastic wallet; nothing fancy.

Price £5 (+ p&p)

£6.99 inc Rec Del p&p in the UK

£7.99 inc p&p Rest of the World


The Mod Revival of 1978-81 put life and laughs into an increasingly grim post-punk UK scene. Snobby music press hacks tried to write it off as a hype manufactured by the film industry to plug Quadrophenia.

Not true. The roots of "New Mod" were actually in The Jam and their All Mod Cons album which inspired a generation of teenagers to embrace the joys of Fred Perrys, Harrington jackets, Vespas - and powerful songs with more hooks than Abu Hamza. Garry Bushell was the first rock writer to cover the scene, reviewing the Purple Hearts, the Jolt, the Chords and Secret Affair in rapid succession between 1978 and 1980. He was also the only one who gave the young backstreet bands a fair hearing.

This is his funny, informative and affectionate history of the rise and fall, rebirth and lasting influence of the Mod Revival as it happened. Including all the major bands and most of the minor ones. Available for the first time ever in book form, includes never before seen photographs. 224 pages with unseen photographs of The Chords, The Jam, The Purple Hearts and Secret Affair.



Sometimes outrageous, always courageous, The World According to Garry Bushell is a broadside aimed squarely at Britain's self-serving elites. Garry writes with feeling and humour about the causes closest to his heart.He is for England, for the working class, and for democracy. He's against the EU - 'the greatest stitch-up since the Bayeux Tapestry' - unfettered immigration and the nanny state with its smoking bans and booze lectures.

Garry challenges every aspect of the modern world from throw-away 'celebrity' culture to the self-loathing Guardian mentality. From Live Earth to wind turbines, from pop politicians to the PC police, all manner of fashionable nonsense is judged and found wanting as Garry declares war on New Labour and the Cameron Tories.Wearing middle class disdain as a badge of honour, Garry stands up for Joe Public as he demands more freedom and less bureaucracy, and champions the everyday people who make Britain great. And all with the same blend of killer one-liners and politically incorrect wit that makes his TV column such an essential read.Garry's comments will surprise and amuse, but above all provoke. You have been warned!

£12.00 inc p&p in the UK, £16.50 inc p&p outside the UK



As well as singing with the world's greatest (and only) Oi-Tone band, Garry Bushell has carved out a 35 year career as a rock writer, columnist, author and TV personality. This funny, moving book gives you the low-down on his colourful life and times. The 'Godfather of Oi' has been befriended by Benny Hill, fed heroin by Hanoi Rocks and propositioned by... Frankie Howerd!

He has appeared on more than 2,000 TV shows, fought Lloyd Honeyghan, been investigated by MI5, and has upset everyone from the Guardian to psychopathic neo-Nazis.

His autobiography follows his extraordinary journey from the backstreets of South London via punk, 2-Tone, Mod, rock and Oi to the superficial world of full-on celebrity, with a cast of thousands including Barbara Windsor, Freddie Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, Page 3 girls, groupies, stalkers, villains, revolutionaries, Dale Winton, Iron Maiden and of course the Cockney Rejects.


Garry BushellCOCKNEY REJECT by Jeff Turner & Garry Bushell

Jeff Turner's true story of bravado, triumph, tears, betrayal and despair. From having the world in your hands at 15, to staring down a barrel at 17 and going from the TV screen to the Labour Exchange in two years. "Hold on to your hat... because I never held on to mine!" This is a music biography like no other you will ever read.


Garry Bushell

On sale for only £6 + p&p

"If life was like EastEnders there wouldn't be a lamp-post left to hang yourself from," says Bushell of our most melodramatic soap. Is it any wonder that they once stuck his photo to the dartboard of the Queen Vic - or that the man who slates the show is probably the nation's biggest authority on it?

£7.40 inc p&p in the UK

£8.40 inc p&p Rest of the World

Garry Bushell

The Autobiography Of Comedy Legend Jimmy Jones, by Jimmy Jones with Garry Bushell.
Normal price £14.99; our price £9.99 plus p&p


Garry Bushell

A laugh-packed DVD celebrating the hit ITV series BUSHELL ON THE BOX includes all the sketches ITV banned, the St George's Day speech, the Bushell babes, Jo Guest as the Alien Barmaid, Gonads performing 'Oi Mate' and 'Infected' and Garry interviewed by Tash Monie.

Guests: Francine Lewis, Peter Dean, Dave Courtney, Dave Lee, Zoe Anderson and Vikki Thomas.

£17.00 inc p&p in the UK

£18.00 inc p&p Rest of the World

Garry Bushell


In this good-natured/dirty-minded compendium, we chortle along at the unconscious double entendres uttered by such national treasures as Ulrika, Chris Tarrant, Nigella Lawson, John McCririck, Noel Edmonds, Tim Rice, Judy Finnigan, Lennox Lewis, Michael Parkinson, David Coleman, Harry Carpenter and Mariella Frostrup.

£9.60 inc p&p in the UK

£12.20 inc p&p Rest of the World

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