May 9. I’m chatting to Joe Pasquale, madcap comedian magician turned serious actor, in today’s Sunday Express Review.

May 8. The boy done well. Boris gets away with a lot through sheer force of personality. Voters like him. They also know the Tories stand for aspiration. Blair knew how important that was but today’s Labour Party just don’t get it. Working class voters want their children to have a decent education, jobs and housing. They don’t want them to have the same life they had; they want them to have a shot at a better one. Boris talks the talk, but can he deliver? I’d like to think so, but I suspect the government’s free-spending, big state approach will end in tears.

If you’re in Central London today, look out for the Rolling Thunder protestors led by Johnny Mercer. The old soldiers are taking to the streets again to protest against the shameful witch-hunt being waged against our ex-servicemen. Toot your support.

May 7. This week’s albums reviews: Van Morrison, Rag n’ Bone Man, Royal Blood and the Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, in today’s Daily Mirror and Daily Express.

Labour just lost Hartlepool to the Tories. The seat had been solidly red for half a century. Will it ever be again? Back in 1935, George Dangerfield published a book called The Strange Death Of Liberal England. We’re now living through the less strange death of Labour Britain. The party I once belonged to have made themselves unelectable. They patronise the working class and actively dislike England – their leaders recoil from patriotism like Dracula from a clove of garlic. They can’t represent the moderate majority when they speak the language of militant minorities – the statue-demolishers, “trans-rights” extremists, and the urban liberal elite. And it’s their own fault. When Emily Thornberry mocked the English flag, when Sir Keir took the knee, when Labour kept schtum on grooming gangs, when they back trendy teachers more obsessed with woke virtue-signalling than actually teaching children basic literacy, they are dumping on the views of the people they claim to represent. How the hell did they think that crap was going to play? They are the architects of their own demise.

May 5. Good to see the collapse of the trial of two British paras, Soldier A and Soldier C yesterday. The judge threw out the case. But why was it ever allowed to come to court? The Tories keep promising to stop the malicious prosecutions of our veterans and yet the shameful pursuit of these old men goes on. The blame can be laid on the 1998 peace process, when, on the brink of victory and under pressure from the Yanks, the Blair government capitulated. Terrorists got amnesty, British troops did not. It’s what happens when you lose a war.

May 2. My chat with Rag ’n’ Bone Man Rory Graham is in today’s Sunday Express Review, and I’m talking telly with Pete Cunnah from D:Ream.


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