What if the Krays had played guitar?

When an undercover cop is brutally murdered by ruthless criminals, only a fool or a hero would try and infiltrate the gang again.

Harry Tyler is no fool.  But the fast-talking, two-fisted detective quickly realises he is up against his smartest and deadliest opponents. The Bishop brothers are young East End villains who use their hard rock band Iron Hammer as a front for robbery, drug-running and worse.

With stardom looming, a rising body count and unexplained links to violent political activists, the clock is ticking – and for Harry the stakes have never been higher.

A new thriller in The Face series, by Garry Bushell with Craig Brackenridge.
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Garry Bushell HELL BENT

Teenager Thomas Scrimshaw is trapped in a boring office job until a chance encounter plunges him into a world of nightmares and fear.

Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Tom is forced to take on clueless cops, corrupt courts, a twisted priest and a spiteful troll who looks like Ozzy Osbourne.

While he is hunted by the authorities, his closest friends and his strange benefactor Theo Jinnee race to the rescue. But are all of them really on his side?

Hell Bent is part horror thriller, part comic fantasy with more levels than The Shard.    


Garry Bushell ALL OR NOTHING

London 1966. The Swinging City, awash with youthful creativity, music and fashion, excitement and opportunity.

And beneath Soho’s glittering promise lurk the shadowy men who cynically exploit it, the gangsters supplying the drugs, the women, the knocked-off booze and whatever else you need to get you through the night... if the price is right.

Men like Steve Knight, an East End Mod with a small gang and a big dream. Steve is smart enough but is he hard enough to see it through?

With the Richardsons banged up and the shadow of the law starting to fall on the Kray Twins, smaller firms are jockeying for position. And as the violence escalates, and the police start to take notice, the Knight brothers have one of their own to worry about...

In this brash, exotic, disturbing new London, only one thing is certain: not all of them will make it through alive.

ALL OR NOTHING is written by Garry Bushell with Craig Brackenridge, and is available here.


Sounds of Glory Volume One is about hard rock and metal bands of the late 70s and early 80s: Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Thin Lizzy, Rose Tattoo, ZZ Top, Gary Moore, Twisted Sister, Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, Motörhead, UFO...

I'd loved Black Sabbath ever since I saw them play Paranoid on Top Of The Pops at 15, so to meet Ozzy and get to know the lovable, side-splitting, hypochondriac lunatic was marvellous, if perilous. (See also Purple, Black Night and Blackmore).

In truth it was a privilege to interview, travel with and occasionally befriend all of these larger than life characters. I hope I've done them justice.


Sounds Of Glory Volume Two covers Punk and Ska: The Specials, The Jam, The Sex Pistols, the Cockney Rejects, Madness, Blondie, The Selecter, The Ruts, Squeeze, the Angelic Upstarts, Bad Manners, Steve Ignorant, Judge Dread, The Exploited and more.

I joined Sounds in the summer of 1978 sometime after the NME had pronounced punk dead. In fact punk had just evolved, kicking open a hundred other doors for everything from 2-Tone to Oi! via anarcho-punk and UK82.

The Upstarts' gig inside HM Prison Acklington remains one of the most exciting, scary and fun shows I've ever seen.

Garry Bushell

RIFF-RAFF, REBELS & ROCK GODS - Confessions from the Glory Days of Sounds

This book includes tales of Hanoi Rocks in India, Iron Maiden in the US, the Angelic Upstarts in prison, the Specials in New York, The Selecter in Dallas, UFO in drink, the Exploited in Berlin before the Wall came down, Judge Dread in Germany, ZZ Top in Vegas, Twisted Sister in Covent Garden, Max Splodge in Texas, Rose Tattoo in Newcastle and Pennsylvania, the Cockney Rejects in Canning Town, Ritchie Blackmore in Finland, and Ozzy Osbourne all over.

RIFF-RAFF, REBELS & ROCK GODS is an intimate chronicle of the rise of the most exciting generation of music and musicians the world has ever seen. These were truly days of glory.

You can get the paperback from my Shop page or from Amazon, and the eBook and audio book from here.

Garry Bushell

FACE DOWN is hard-hitting pulp fiction that completes the Harry Tyler trilogy. The first part of the series, THE FACE, introduced us to undercover cop Harry Tyler and his cunning, dangerous adversary, the South London villain Johnny Baker, known as Johnny Too. Harry's next job is to infiltrate Johnny's firm and bring down his criminal empire. The results are inevitably explosive and exciting. Determined as ever to get a result, Harry goes deep undercover and immerses himself in the gangland life of women, cars, drugs and guns. A fast-moving and fiery novel, the impeccably researched story blazes a trail through the street-life of London, culminating in a pacy and thrilling finale. Its relentless plot, compelling characters, and earthy dialogue won praise from everyone from The Independent to the Spectator.

The second book TWO-FACED found Tyler back infiltrating the most dangerous gangs in the country. But when his ex-wife is the victim of a brutal attack, Harry decides to take the law into his own hands and administer some rough justice to those responsible – putting himself on the wrong side of the law. A final showdown with Military Intelligent appears to leave him dead.

, the third and final instalment, rattles along like a Japanese bullet train. When a vigilante starts assassinating criminals he believes have been treated too leniently by the courts, Kent police are stumped - until they spot a possible link to the shootings and an outspoken rightwing newspaper columnist. Jailed South London crime lord Johnny Too agrees to be the bait to lure the killer into the open. There's just one problem – he wants retired undercover detective Harry Tyler, the man who put him away, to be part of the plot. And Harry's supposed to be dead...

Praise for FACE DOWN:

"The novel is Mickey Spillane with a dash of Micky Flanagan" – South County magazine.

"An absolute triumph, even tougher and raunchier than the first two books" – Jeff Turner (The Cockney Rejects).

"A pulp fiction classic" – punk poet Garry Johnson.
"A cracking read. Fast and furious with all of his trademark humour, satire and punch and sexy enough to make 50 Shades look like a Delia Smith cook book." - Caffeine Nights CEO, Darren Laws.


The Mod Revival of 1978-81 put life and laughs into an increasingly grim post-punk UK scene. Snobby music press hacks tried to write it off as a hype manufactured by the film industry to plug Quadrophenia. Not true.

The roots of 'New Mod' were actually in The Jam and their All Mod Cons album which inspired a generation of teenagers to embrace the joys of Fred Perrys, Harrington jackets, Vespas - and powerful songs with great tunes. Garry Bushell was the first rock writer to cover the scene, reviewing the Purple Hearts, the Jolt, the Chords and Secret Affair in rapid succession between 1978 and 1980. He was also the only one who gave the young backstreet bands a fair hearing. This is his funny, informative and affectionate history of the rise and fall, rebirth and lasting influence of the Mod Revival as it happened.

Including all the major bands and most of the minor ones. Available for the first time ever in book form, includes never before seen photographs of The Chords, The Jam, The Purple Hearts and Secret Affair.


"Your last chance to dance before World War Three" Specials singer, Terry Hall called it. An exaggeration of course, but 2-Tone did serve up the most perfect pop music since Trojan reggae had dominated the UK Top Ten a decade before. And the bands kept coming - Bad Manners, The Beat, The Bodysnatchers. Even Judge Dread came back.

Garry Bushell, who wrote the original Dance Craze magazine, was the first rock writer to see the Specials live, the first to interview Madness and the first to watch the bands attempt to export their magic to the USA. This is his funny, informative and affectionate history of the rise and fall and rise again of the Rude Boys. This is the heavy, heavy monster book, the nuttiest read around!

It's also the only introduction you'll ever need to the boss sound of the 1980s! With a saucy portion of Judge Dread thrown in for good measure... Available for the first time ever in book form, includes never before seen photographs.

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